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Handcrafted Marimbas

Hi. Welcome to my website, I'm Len Clark.

I'm a teacher (ret.) and a woodworker.

My marimbas are made by myself, using local materials, ensuring excellent sound quality and durability for the robust school environment - at an affordable price.



Box Resonated Marimba
Box Resonated Marimba


Personal and School Use

My marimbas are perfect for both personal and school use, with a range of models and sizes available to suit your requirement.

Presently I am only making the Box Resonated, The Levi and Mini Marimbas.

I intend to re-start selling pipe resonated marimbas, such as the Bass Marimba, soon.

If you are after one of these, it may be worth your while to send me an enquiry, as I may have started making those models again but not updated the website.

Mini Marimba
Mini Marimba

And let's not forget

Shipping Available Australia-Wide

Although I am located in Tugrah, Tasmania, I offer shipping Australia-wide for an additional cost, so you can enjoy the sound of a Marimba Australia marimba no matter where you are.

Shipping costs are quite expensive now - but I also travel to Victoria with a vehicle a few times a year, and I may be able to off-set some of the cost for you.

Please enquire regarding freight via the contact form.

Mini Marimba
Mini Marimba


Unique differences with my marimbas

  • Bars use 'Boomwacker' colours - to integrate with some other classroom instruments.

  • Legs fold for storage and have restraining chains for safety - especially when moving them around the classroom or school

  • Pins going through the bars are on the opposite side to the player - this dramatically helps remove the bending of pins when a player rests on the bars

  • Extra large wheels can be installed by request- for moving the marimba across courtyards etc


About me

Marimba Australia is perhaps the main manufacturer of marimbas in Australia, with a commitment to producing great quality instruments for personal and school use.

Located in Tasmania, I use local materials to create a sound that is what you are looking for in your classroom.

Bars are made from the best available selection of Tasmanian Oak.

I aim to tune to approximately 4 cents sharp on a note (4/100ths) - however remember that timber was once a living thing, and changes over time - changes in the temperature will especially affect the pitch to some degree. I tune as close to 21 degrees Celsius as possible.

The FABULOUS Jack Bennett, playing the 5 octave 'Beast'.

Fantastic footage of one of the largest concert marimbas I have made - being played by Jack Bennett (hanzenfeet).
‚ÄčA very talented and extremely kind man.
Check this video out! (

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